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About Hire Calling

My goal in creating Hire Calling is to put a blog out there that shares ideas and champions some different perspectives when it comes to the diverse world of corporate recruiting. The blog’s name comes from my opinion that it is our Hire Calling as recruiters to use as much free technology as possible to find great candidates and create long term relationships with them.

About Me (DKrecruit)
I work for a fast paced, fast growing email marketing company in New York City. We have unique requirements, a young workforce and our industry is ever-changing. I am a fan of all things innovative when it comes to recruitment and am hoping to to stir up some passionate conversations about many new things when it comes to recruiting.

I reside on the Jersey Shore with my beautiful wife and have 1 little recruiter, and a little sourcer on the way!

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  1. George Smith permalink
    May 27, 2012 5:08 PM

    Hire calling fired me once for leaving a job where they had Illegals working that spoke no english.

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