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February 7, 2011

If you were paying attention to the Super Bowl commercials yesterday, you may have noticed a spot for’s new Business Social Network – Chatter.  It was right before the Half-Time show, aka Fergie-Fail (Thank GOD for Slash!).  I can’t tell you how many people around the office have been talking about the need for a usable, standardized social app for work – this could indeed be it!

Chatter looks great, is easy and familiar to use – and most importantly is simple.  It doesn’t try to over do it.  The main idea here is a private, secure social site for collaboration and communication (inter-office email is getting old, right?).  You can form groups, mark them private or public, etc…  The way they identify common employees is by locking each group down based on the email’s domain address.  You can also download a desktop client that serves almost as a IM type app.   It allows you to keep it open on the side and pay attention to different group updates and projects you may be collaborating on or interested in.

Chatter Desktop Application


As I’ve only had a few minutes to dive in – I have starting thinking about how we can use this from a Social / CPC recruiting perspective.    The site doesn’t have Ads yet, so for the time being employee referrals could be interesting here.  Could be a good place to blast out a job posting to see who knows who.  I think the difference between this and email, is you could start a dialog in real time and really get people thinking about who they know and have them reach out.

In terms of being a productivity tool for recruiters and recruiting teams – I am signing everyone up right now and am going to start to share some reports, candidates, etc…  and raise questions about how we can do more, better so we’ll let you know how it goes and if people use it, etc…


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