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Like: LinkedIn Status Updates

January 31, 2011

New Weekly Feature! Every Monday we are going to be blogging about something we like or dislike and talk about how it relates to social/CPC recruiting.

Over the past several weeks, I am starting to see the increasing value of the LinkedIn Status update. In fact, I have been almost practically ignoring Facebook and Twitter because of it. Because of this I’m willing to put it out there that LinkedIn’s status updates will be universally known as more popular and relevant and start to steal a ton of organic posting traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

Now, I’m not saying the volume will be greater than Facebook or Twitter, but I am predicting that LinkedIn status updates will be the go to resource in the business world for fast moving information.  It may initially seem less sexy than a clever facebook update or a mostly obnoxious yet witty tweet – but there is some real value in what people are saying on LinkedIn, and if you want to be an engaged and respected leader in your profession – you better pay attention.

Maybe I am just getting old, but I find there is a lot of useless noise on Facebook and even Twitter these days.  To be honest, I really could care less that you grew a cabbage patch on Farmville, or that you hate the snow.  Dude…  C’mon…  After being halfway through this winter on the east coast, we all hate the snow.  So I don’t need to be reminded.  Even my dog has had enough!

I am thinking I am not alone in that I hear people say, “Everyone these days has the attention span of flea!”  You can’t tell me you haven’t heard someone say that in the last week or two, right?  In fact, I hereby nominate the phrase as being up for “Cliche of the Year” – 2010.  Now if that is indeed the case, wouldn’t you like to spend the little time you have left these days hanging out in your social media lounge chair dabbling in a world of relevant content and compelling articles that will keep you professionally sharp and engaged?

It’s also interesting and sometimes important to see who’s connecting with who, or who has connected with someone I don’t know, because it makes me wonder if I should be networking with this new person.   It amazes me how the number of highly relevant newspaper articles and blog posts seems to create a “feed of integrity” if you will. There seems to be more of a professional edge to it as well , people who want to better themselves and help others get smarter and sharper by sharing interesting and dynamic bits of information.  I am catching some really great stuff from people I am connected with and that sit in my groups.

Now all this said,  I still think there is room for improvement.   Not enough people comment on other people’s posts, articles, etc…  Where is the geo-location feature?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what building your coleagues are visiting today?  Or what sales person is pitching what client?  How about a “Hey I’m interviewing at…” feature for those who are out of work?  Could be some free PR to help someone talented with some bad luck get an extra edge and create some competitive career opportunities.  Also – where’s the Android app LinkedIn?  Am I supposed to drag my laptop everywhere I go?  Get on this people, so overdue.

But regardless of my thirst for fun, toy-like enhancements, and even though there are plenty of nifty features and apps out there for different status updates on Facebook and other micro-blogging sites, I think we can all agree that actual content rules the roost, or at least should.  In a very short amount of time, I have learned much, become more engaged in my profession and most importantly, find myself posting back relevant info that can help other people which is a rewarding experience to say the least.

So the next time you go to brag about your Angry Birds prowess on Facebook, switch it up and find an interesting article or blog post, and put in your LinkedIn feed – it may strike up a compelling conversation with some talented people.  Who Knows?  The end result could be a key piece of information for a client, some info on the competition or maybe even a dream job opportunity.

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