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iPhone to Android Mobile Video Interview – Mission Accomplished

January 31, 2011

In order to streamline the interview process for a candidate from out of state, I was attempting to set up a Skyperview with my hiring manager, which has worked great over the past year or so for my needs.   However, when the candidate didn’t have a webcam, but did have an iPhone 4, we settled on doing a mobile to mobile video interview via his suggestion – Tango.

Tango is a slick mobile video client that works with both the iPhone 4 and Android  – great right?  One problem, I don’t have a forward facing camera on my DroidX!   So after a quick brainstorming session with our talent coordinator “JL3PO”  and with the help of my webcam, we came up with this solution and as crazy as it sounds, it worked great.

  • Candidate had an iPhone 4 running the Tango application with a front facing camera.
  • I have an Android phone (DroidX) running the Tango application with a rear facing camera.  I was able to capture my hiring manager’s image for the candidate by using my PC’s webcam to capture and display the hiring manager on the monitor.  Then, I aimed my phone’s rear facing camera at the webcam feed which was displayed on the Monitor (You can do this by just telling your PC to use your webcam to snap a photo).  The hiring manager could see the candidate on my phone’s screen and audio worked well through the phone.

That's right. It's sitting on top of a box of business cards and propped up against my stapler - that's how you get it done people!

So for those of you who thought it couldn’t be done – there you have it!  An iPhone4 to Android mobile video interview!

Now of course this raises the question, how realistic is this?  Well, I would think front facing cameras are going to start to become standard on most phones and of course the next version of the iPad.  Could you imagine hiring managers doing iPad video interviews?  I say it’s coming – a great way to streamline the hiring process and save some bucks on flights, hotels, meals etc… for a candidate you may not even hire.   In fact, if we end up hiring this candidate, i could totally cost justify an iPad.  Imagine if you hired 10 to 15 people per year this way?   I’m not trying to devalue meeting candidates in person – it is a must whenever possible, but in today’s digital age with an increasingly busy talent market – it could be a competitive edge and you could impress sound mobile savvy candidates.


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