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Branding and Tracking your Twitter Sourcing using

April 14, 2011

Today I was helping my teammate and all around good guy @pds436 rock some Twitter sourcing for some Project Manager jobs using Follower Wonk (Props to Katharine Robinson for sharing Follower Wonk during an epic presentation at Sourcecon in NYC).

@pds436 was having one of those days… and looking for some very Sr. level Agile Project Managers with good Scrum experience.   Because this req is one of those jobs that has some really solid key words that are unique to the job/skill set;  Agile, Scrum (although you may have to weed out the Rugby players) – it was a great opportunity to create a Branded link via link shortening site

So what’s the plan?

The goal is to do anything and everything on Twitter to get re-tweets from Agile/Scrum experts with lots of followers.  When it comes to Twitter Sourcing – I find it a much more efficient and effective to get someone cooler with than me (not hard, I know) to ReTweet my job rather then recruit people directly.  Especially for this one – how could a “recruiter” possibly compete with some dude named a “Scrum Master?”  That’s a Bad Ass Job Title if I ever heard one – we  recruiters seriously need to rename ourselves – any suggestions people?  I think maybe I’ll rock Talent Ninja for the next week… we’ll see if it sticks.

Let’s get started

First – you need to snatch up a link for the job description.  I tagged mine as “scrumtastic” using our ATS – Jobvite (has link tracking creation feature – it’s pretty sweet)  so we can source track the applications.  As you can see – it was still pretty long and ugly and really doesn’t make any sense:   Another suggestion would be to use a job posting site that sends you an email every time someone applies.  You can make your own careers site and postings at pretty easily.  Feel free to use my site (100% discount, use code – blogread).


So this is when I hopped on and entered my link in the big box (can’t miss it!) and clicked on the “shorten” button.   Next, look below and hit the “customize” link, and will actually let you create your own  link (as long as it hasn’t been already taken).  Customizing – is what I am talking about when I refer to “Branding” your link.  I’ve noticed a clear difference in branded links getting more  RT’s and clicks and they have more of a chance at becoming viral and can even travel by word of mouth.  Make it  super easy to remember – just in  case you  hang with one of your Scrum Master buddy’s for beers after work.  You’ll even get some traffic if you tell people to toss it up on their Facebook Page, etc…  The key is making it easy to remember, and related to your job posting.

My favorite part about is the “close to real time” tracking (nerd alert!).  It will almost immediately and very easily let you know how many clicks you are getting.   Just go back to the home screen and click on the “Info Page+” for each corresponding link.   I highly recommended installing the Chrome extension that will serve a click-able pop up as it starts trending.   As I start to do more of this, stats will move me towards enough data to aggregate a Clicks per Hire via Twitter Metric.  That we can measure how much time and effort it takes to hire someone on Twitter.

Once you have your link branded – hit up a search on Followerwonk and select a few good looking RT prospects.  Here I did a simple search for “Scrum” on the aforementioned ….

See the blue highlight – Co-Creator of Scrum?  4700 followers?  Good place to start!

From here I picked about 15 more RT Targets and followed them (increases your chances of getting an RT) – then sent them a few different tweet variations…

Within a few hours I got a few RT’s some DM’s, a question or two, a whole bunch of followers and 57 clicks  via… even gives you a QR code, so if you wanted to Fax Spam the job to a Scrum Master - feel free to print out and dial up!


So there you go – a branded link, easy tracking.  This all took me about 10 minutes and I  received 57 highly relevant clicks which is sure to include some solid passives and is hopefully going to turn into some new scrumtastic twitter friends for future RT’s, some good conversation about agile Project Mgt and more than likely a direct source candidate at $0.00 cost.

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Keep Your Finger on LinkedIN Signal

February 22, 2011

Whether you are a recruiter or not, chances are you are connected to someone on LinkedIn from a major competitor.   Or maybe you are LinkedIn with someone who works at a company you are interested in joining.  The bottom line here is that you have a target company or group of people, and want to see what’s happening within that social community.  LinkedIn Signal from LinkedIn Labs is one way to do this. LI Labs put out Signal in late September – and I am really starting to harness it for sourcing.

LinkedIn says, “Signal is aimed at making it easy for all professionals to glean the most relevant insights from the never-ending stream of status updates and news.”   It gives you the ability to sort through stream data on LinkedIn by using filters.  So if you want to see what Googlers who are Stanford Alumni are saying, log on to and filter away!

This returned some pretty cool information from people – obviously very smart ones, but more of an example to show you how it works.  I created a stream of all updates from my company’s top 3 competitors.  We are always looking to hire socially savvy folks – it’s very interesting to see what those folks are saying, who is ahead of the curve and how they are interacting with other folks etc…

I find this especially powerful because if you check in on a few “go to” feeds like this on a daily basis you’ll start to get to know your audience, even learn what sports they like, where they shop, what book they are reading, etc… All key information if you are looking to create a relationship with a passive candidate.   Also – you can create a list of unique job titles and information at your competitors and then do some hyper targeting with a LinkedIn Ad using Job Title and Location Segments.

One thing that you will notice is that most of the feed info comes from people’s Twitter accounts.  This is especially interesting because you can’t really sort people by where they work on Twitter – but you can on LinkedIn Signal!   I think more and more people are starting connect their Twitter and LinkedIn feeds both ways, so this tool is going to just get more and more useful.

Taking a step back here – it’s killer that you can now pay attention to people you really are not directly connected to and really come up with strategies to connect with these people to make things happen.  Creating a list of people to target from these feeds and putting this into you CRM (Recruiter’s best friend!) and continually developing relationships with good people will yield great talent for your organization.  You may even learn a thing or two about the industries and businesses you support in the process.

There are some other filters that you’ll see like Industry, Time, Location and you can even search via Trending Topic.

@DKrecruit live from #SourceCon

February 8, 2011

I’m going to be tweeting from SourceCon today – so feel free to Follow me @DKrecuit here and comment.  If you are at SourceCon – please introduce yourself, would love to see some suggestions for posting ideas, discussions, topics, etc… that you would like to see introduced or more of on Hire Calling.

Like:’s Chatter

February 7, 2011

If you were paying attention to the Super Bowl commercials yesterday, you may have noticed a spot for’s new Business Social Network – Chatter.  It was right before the Half-Time show, aka Fergie-Fail (Thank GOD for Slash!).  I can’t tell you how many people around the office have been talking about the need for a usable, standardized social app for work – this could indeed be it!

Chatter looks great, is easy and familiar to use – and most importantly is simple.  It doesn’t try to over do it.  The main idea here is a private, secure social site for collaboration and communication (inter-office email is getting old, right?).  You can form groups, mark them private or public, etc…  The way they identify common employees is by locking each group down based on the email’s domain address.  You can also download a desktop client that serves almost as a IM type app.   It allows you to keep it open on the side and pay attention to different group updates and projects you may be collaborating on or interested in.

Chatter Desktop Application


As I’ve only had a few minutes to dive in – I have starting thinking about how we can use this from a Social / CPC recruiting perspective.    The site doesn’t have Ads yet, so for the time being employee referrals could be interesting here.  Could be a good place to blast out a job posting to see who knows who.  I think the difference between this and email, is you could start a dialog in real time and really get people thinking about who they know and have them reach out.

In terms of being a productivity tool for recruiters and recruiting teams – I am signing everyone up right now and am going to start to share some reports, candidates, etc…  and raise questions about how we can do more, better so we’ll let you know how it goes and if people use it, etc…

iPhone to Android Mobile Video Interview – Mission Accomplished

January 31, 2011

In order to streamline the interview process for a candidate from out of state, I was attempting to set up a Skyperview with my hiring manager, which has worked great over the past year or so for my needs.   However, when the candidate didn’t have a webcam, but did have an iPhone 4, we settled on doing a mobile to mobile video interview via his suggestion – Tango.

Tango is a slick mobile video client that works with both the iPhone 4 and Android  – great right?  One problem, I don’t have a forward facing camera on my DroidX!   So after a quick brainstorming session with our talent coordinator “JL3PO”  and with the help of my webcam, we came up with this solution and as crazy as it sounds, it worked great.

  • Candidate had an iPhone 4 running the Tango application with a front facing camera.
  • I have an Android phone (DroidX) running the Tango application with a rear facing camera.  I was able to capture my hiring manager’s image for the candidate by using my PC’s webcam to capture and display the hiring manager on the monitor.  Then, I aimed my phone’s rear facing camera at the webcam feed which was displayed on the Monitor (You can do this by just telling your PC to use your webcam to snap a photo).  The hiring manager could see the candidate on my phone’s screen and audio worked well through the phone.

That's right. It's sitting on top of a box of business cards and propped up against my stapler - that's how you get it done people!

So for those of you who thought it couldn’t be done – there you have it!  An iPhone4 to Android mobile video interview!

Now of course this raises the question, how realistic is this?  Well, I would think front facing cameras are going to start to become standard on most phones and of course the next version of the iPad.  Could you imagine hiring managers doing iPad video interviews?  I say it’s coming – a great way to streamline the hiring process and save some bucks on flights, hotels, meals etc… for a candidate you may not even hire.   In fact, if we end up hiring this candidate, i could totally cost justify an iPad.  Imagine if you hired 10 to 15 people per year this way?   I’m not trying to devalue meeting candidates in person – it is a must whenever possible, but in today’s digital age with an increasingly busy talent market – it could be a competitive edge and you could impress sound mobile savvy candidates.

Like: LinkedIn Status Updates

January 31, 2011

New Weekly Feature! Every Monday we are going to be blogging about something we like or dislike and talk about how it relates to social/CPC recruiting.

Over the past several weeks, I am starting to see the increasing value of the LinkedIn Status update. In fact, I have been almost practically ignoring Facebook and Twitter because of it. Because of this I’m willing to put it out there that LinkedIn’s status updates will be universally known as more popular and relevant and start to steal a ton of organic posting traffic from Facebook and Twitter.

Now, I’m not saying the volume will be greater than Facebook or Twitter, but I am predicting that LinkedIn status updates will be the go to resource in the business world for fast moving information.  It may initially seem less sexy than a clever facebook update or a mostly obnoxious yet witty tweet – but there is some real value in what people are saying on LinkedIn, and if you want to be an engaged and respected leader in your profession – you better pay attention.

Maybe I am just getting old, but I find there is a lot of useless noise on Facebook and even Twitter these days.  To be honest, I really could care less that you grew a cabbage patch on Farmville, or that you hate the snow.  Dude…  C’mon…  After being halfway through this winter on the east coast, we all hate the snow.  So I don’t need to be reminded.  Even my dog has had enough!

I am thinking I am not alone in that I hear people say, “Everyone these days has the attention span of flea!”  You can’t tell me you haven’t heard someone say that in the last week or two, right?  In fact, I hereby nominate the phrase as being up for “Cliche of the Year” – 2010.  Now if that is indeed the case, wouldn’t you like to spend the little time you have left these days hanging out in your social media lounge chair dabbling in a world of relevant content and compelling articles that will keep you professionally sharp and engaged?

It’s also interesting and sometimes important to see who’s connecting with who, or who has connected with someone I don’t know, because it makes me wonder if I should be networking with this new person.   It amazes me how the number of highly relevant newspaper articles and blog posts seems to create a “feed of integrity” if you will. There seems to be more of a professional edge to it as well , people who want to better themselves and help others get smarter and sharper by sharing interesting and dynamic bits of information.  I am catching some really great stuff from people I am connected with and that sit in my groups.

Now all this said,  I still think there is room for improvement.   Not enough people comment on other people’s posts, articles, etc…  Where is the geo-location feature?  Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what building your coleagues are visiting today?  Or what sales person is pitching what client?  How about a “Hey I’m interviewing at…” feature for those who are out of work?  Could be some free PR to help someone talented with some bad luck get an extra edge and create some competitive career opportunities.  Also – where’s the Android app LinkedIn?  Am I supposed to drag my laptop everywhere I go?  Get on this people, so overdue.

But regardless of my thirst for fun, toy-like enhancements, and even though there are plenty of nifty features and apps out there for different status updates on Facebook and other micro-blogging sites, I think we can all agree that actual content rules the roost, or at least should.  In a very short amount of time, I have learned much, become more engaged in my profession and most importantly, find myself posting back relevant info that can help other people which is a rewarding experience to say the least.

So the next time you go to brag about your Angry Birds prowess on Facebook, switch it up and find an interesting article or blog post, and put in your LinkedIn feed – it may strike up a compelling conversation with some talented people.  Who Knows?  The end result could be a key piece of information for a client, some info on the competition or maybe even a dream job opportunity.

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CPC Recruiting Game-Changer – LinkedIn Ads Enhances Targeting Capabilities

January 27, 2011

LinkedIn continues to push the envelope and are laying the pavement for the road that leads away from traditional job boards and postings and towards Digital Advertising/CPC recruitment.

According to the newsletter below, LinkedIn Ads have evolved and are now offering the ability to target your audience by Job Title, Company Name and Groups.   This is KILLER – and will certainly be stealing some of my Facebook Ads budget away for sure (different conversation for a different day!).   What seems like a small and simple upgrade could be a game-changer that leads to the most powerful CPC Recruiting tool out there!   Looking for Ruby or PHPers?  How about Digital Advertising Account Directors?   What about those sales people that work for your competitors?   Put an Ad in front of them and the best part is you only pay when they click on it!

Would love to evaluate this more… but it’s time to place some ads and grab some talent!  My competitor’s employees will be looking at my job ads on their LinkedIn Profiles in about an hour.  I will post some results and metrics after a few days to see how they are performing so bookmark HireCalling and check back in.

Think this is interesting?  SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS in the comments section!